Hi there people, 

New year, new blog :). My name is Gery and I have been thinking of making a new blog in English for a long time. So what better moment than the start of the new year, which I hope will be full of interesting things to tell and write about. There are a couple of changes lying ahead in my life.

    First we’ll move in in a new apartment, which we have to furnish on our own. It would be a great experience and I’m so excited. I’ve decided to become a minimalist, so it’ll be challenging for me to learn how to declutter all of my material possessions - clothes and books, and home decorations…

    What else I would write about here? I have three hobbies - reading, traveling and photography. So here I will share my experiences and thoughts about them and I hope it’ll be interesting for you to read. 

     Oh, but let me do some short introduction of myself - I’m 27 years old, a mobile developer, animal lover, dreamer, highly sensitive person, introvert and I believe that if we’re better and kind with each other the world could be fantastic place. 

With love,


If everyone could just be happy with themselves and the choices people around them make, the world would instantly be a better place!
— John Lennon