My 2019 goals

My 2019 goals

Hello there amazing people,

It’s that time of the year again - we look back on the past year, reflect what’s happened and create new goals for the year ahead. I used to make this post in my old blogs very long and with lots of explanations, but I think now it’ll be better to just write a list with my goals for 2019:

  • I want to be a better person. This is something that I’ve always put here. There are always ways to improve ourselves and for me this is the most important thing - to grow up, to be kind and have control over your emotions, to be more positive.

  • I want to learn something new. I'm thinking about learning to draw or maybe learning a new language (programming or natural - it doesn’t matter)

  • I want to read more this year, hopefully my transition to e-books will help me do that.

  • I really want to work out more and start eating healthier.

  • I want to continue working on my photography skills, be more creative and work on my style.

  • And finally but definitely not least - I want my family to be happy and healthy <3, because this is the only important thing in my life.


I can add a lot more things I want to do, but creating a huge list with goals is not helpful. This isn't a grocery list, where you can check "I’ve done this and this task", it’s a guideline to will help me on my path of personal growth. So how about you? Did you create a plan for the new year?

With love,


Stop overthinking

Stop overthinking